"With Love, New York" is a project dedicated to giving thanks to the kind strangers who keep the city running.


The Concept


It’s pretty simple: For the next few weeks, we're collecting anonymous thank you notes addressed to strangers from across the five boroughs, and at the end of summer we're teaming up with LinkNYC to post them around the city for the world (and, hopefully, the notes' recipients) to see!


How to Participate

To submit a thank you note to the project, please fill out the form below. Notes should be dedicated to New Yorkers you've encountered who have gone out of their way to help you or another stranger in need–from small acts of kindness, to grand gestures.

All New Yorkers are welcome and encouraged to participate! The deadline to submit is August 7th, 2019.


Submission Form

Please note that we may not be able to incorporate all submissions into the project. In addition, we may be required to edit them for clarity. Thank you for your understanding! More info in the terms→

Reminder that notes are meant to be dedicated to strangers only!
Note: Character count is limited to 100, which is roughly the same length as two simple sentences.
We will use this information to determine which LinkNYC kiosk your note might be published on.
Note: We may edit these responses to add additional privacy.
Please agree to the terms of submission *

Illustrations courtesy of Lea Carey.